Wind Break

Author: Ruth

Anyone following Stephen’s paddle along the south shore of Lake Superior has noticed how little progress he’s made in the past couple of weeks. I can give you the answer in one word, weather. He enjoyed remarkably good weather overall in July and the first part of August, now a succession of storms and wind has kept him beach bound on the west shoulder of the peninsula that becomes Whitefish Point. Some friends from Petoskey, Perry and Karen Clark met him at Lake Superior State Forest Campground last week, so he had company and great food for a few days. This area is mostly free from roads, towns and cell phone towers, so we may not hear from him until he rounds the point into Whitefish Bay.¬† So close…

In the Pictured Rocks when we were together last, I took some pictures of his daily transition from walker to paddler.


Exchanging leather boots for neoprene Chotas. Bags on the beach will be stuffed into the bow and stern.


Exchanging his leather boots for the neoprene Chotas. The bags on the beach will be stuffed into the bow and stern. Denise came down from our shared campsite to watch him take off.




Cockpit cover is on and the last items are being placed. Food and water within reach, maps, compass, camera in waterproof case, (that’s the tan box behind him on the sand.)





And binoculars, Spot satellite tracker and emergency locator beacon, carbon fiber paddle, and carabiners of course.


Planning where to meet at the end of the day's paddle, a rare pleasure for us both.


Planning where to meet at the end the day’s paddle, a rare pleasure for us both.


Shoving off and swinging in, reminded me of a cowboy mounting his horse. (This picture was taken on Munising Bay.)


Shoving off the beach and swinging into his seat, like a cowboy mounting his horse. (This shot was taken earlier in the week in Munising Bay.)


Ready for action!

Ready to paddle.






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  1. M Pierleopteris Says:

    Send me that Spot when you reach your destination Verlen!

  2. André Germain Says:

    The lake (or should that be “the weather”?) is a harsh mistress…

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