Welcome to Ontario

Author: Ruth

Calm waters at James N. Allan Provincial Park as Stephen paddles west on August 3.


Thanks for the warm welcome to Canada, George Holmes; of the Niagara on the Lake (NOTL) Surf Club!


My dinner with Andre´ and Darla Germain.


Hang ten!



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3 Responses to “Welcome to Ontario”

  1. André Germain Says:

    If I recollect rightly, there’s a restaurant/bar downtown Port Dover (where the bikers originally converged on Friday the 13th) where you can get a great Lake Erie perch dinner. I’m sure the locals can help you with directions.

  2. Cindy Says:

    Hey Stephen! Better kick it into high gear so you can make it back to the tip of the mitten for our Bon Voyage party (August 18).
    Miss you — safe and fun travels.
    Give Raptor Ruth a hug from me!

  3. sarah marley Says:

    Hi Scrawny Man,
    I was just reading the blog and getting the updates on your journey. It sounds like you are having a great trip. I miss you and I am so in awe of your dream. Keep paddling Bro and stay safe and dry. I love you. Sarah

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