The Mouth of Green Bay

Author: Ruth

Flower with last night's rain.

Across the mouth of Green Bay, Stephen hopped islands and dodged the never ending waves of storms.  In this message he starts by mentioning phone signal, because we had not been able to connect via cellular service since he left Manistique and headed south on the Garden Peninsula.

“According to little blue graph in the corner, I have three blue bars. But, again, that doesn’t mean I can get a call out. Laying in the hammock, finally. Been putzing with tarps most of the afternoon. I’ve got the green one up, and hung the hammock, with it’s tarp, under it. Had dinner, then unrolled the hammock. So I’m covered twice. It’s been raining since about 3 or 4, with thunder in the background, I just saw my first flash of lightening, so I guess the big stuff is about to roll in. When I started out this morning, I had planned on a short paddle to Poverty Island, and staying there. But the wind was in my favor for a run to St. Martins, so here I am. Actually, I relied on my bird oracles: when I approached Poverty, I saw what I thought was an eagle. Instead it was a vulture, or raggedy raven. So I pressed on. When I arrived at St. Martins, I was met by four bald eagles (two adults and two juveniles) (god, it takes me forever to find the parentheses keys!) I walked a bit and found their nest, and recorded their calls. I also happened on a beautiful snake with a blue stripe along its back, flanked by a pair of black stripes, and stripes of another color too (yellow?) I also found an unusual shell. I thought at first it was a turtle, but it has a strange fin projecting from the center of the top back edge of the shell. There’s more, but my fingers are getting lost in the dark. Gonna Rock out here for the night. Another spot you must visit. I’ve walked more than paddled the last two days!”


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  1. Dave Minden Says:

    Hi Steve & Ruth:
    I had told Steve of my visit 10 years ago to St. Martn’s from Rock Island. The flies that year were bad everywhere, but as got to 100 yards from St. Martin’s they started massing on us. So we kept our distance, had lunch on the water, and never set foot on the island. We’d heard it was all privately owned by a logging company. How was your stay there?
    Hope to see you yet this week in Wisconsin.

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