The paddler returns!


I watched from my computer, stuck at work 250 miles north, as the satellite tracker indicated Stephen’s progress on this last (we hoped) day of paddling. Other than the hatch of biting flies that plagued him the day before and were still around in smaller numbers today, it was a great paddling day. He said, “Today is my day.” And it was! Glad no one was around the office to see my happy tears.

Made my day too.

P.S. Stephen’s next post on Lake Erie coming soon…


7 Responses to “Pointe Mouillee, August 29, 2012”

  1. john and wendy Says:

    As Wendy and I paddled last saturday, a gentle northeast wind was blowing. I said ” I hope Stephen has this same wind” and apparently you did. Congratulations and we hope to paddle with you someday up in MI. John and Wendy

  2. Denise Says:

    Felicidades! Did you kiss the ground When you stepped ashore? Can’t wait to welcome you home!

  3. André Germain Says:

    Way to go, Stephen!!!

  4. André Germain Says:

    And please stay in touch, my friend.

  5. Mike Musci Says:

    Congratulations on making it safely. I heard you were finished on NPR this morning. Hope we can catch up in person to hear about it first hand. Nice job!
    Mike Musci

  6. Roger Dee Says:

    Congratulations, Stever.
    Good to see you and Ruth again, and take good care of that gal!
    Roger D.

  7. Annette Irwin Says:

    Steve–You made the news here! Happened to be watching the 10:00 p.m. news and they mentioned a michigan man with roots in mid michigan canoeing around the Great Lakes, Steve Brede.

    How cool is that. Glad your back and I am sure no one is happier than Ruth

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