Waterfalls emerge from the red rock walls of the Keewanaw waterway.


Stephen is past the halfway point of this summer’s expedition, the southern shore of Lake Superior. Three hundred and fifty six miles and one month lie behind him; at least two hundred and fifty miles to come.


View from the campsite on Sleeping Bay, the western shore of the Keewanau Peninsula.

View from the campsite on Sleeping Bay, the western shore of the Keewanaw Peninsula.


There is a convergence at Big Bay this weekend, about thirty miles north of Marquette, Michigan. Stephen’s sister Pamela and brother-in-law Dave have arrived from Madison, Wisconsin. I will drive north from Petoskey after work tomorrow. We are meeting our favorite paddler to share stories and gather photos, to ply him with food and love.

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  1. Nancy Kowaleski Says:

    You go girl!!! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend together. Say hi to Steven for me, will be in touch. Wishing you safe travel and a visit extraordinaire!!!

  2. Dave Paterson Says:

    Convergence….. I like the sound of that word.

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