Letter from Stephen

Author: Ruth

Drying out.

A letter from Stephen, who is missing his -th class reunion, to one of his former classmates. Sent from the safety of mosquito netting as he was nearing Manistique, MI. Here he is drying out after another storm which generated a hatch of blood seeking mosquitoes.

“Yes, I am back on the water for Round 2. Apologies to Karen that I didn’t send my regrets. My good intentions went by the wayside in the frenzy to pack three months of stuff in a 17-foot canoe.

Left home port of Petoskey June 24. Heading counterclockwise. Been into the wind ever since. Right now I’m in my hammock-tent in a stand of cedars overlooking the lake, about 13 miles west of Manistique. Having text with you all. lol, of course. After landing, I was out collecting Mylar balloons (three today, five yesterday; please, don’t ever buy anyone one of these, no matter how much you love them) when I came upon a bobcat sniffing along the shore. I was downwind, and was able to follow him (I’m assuming “him” ’cause cat’s name was Bob) for about 10 minutes before he noticed me and bolted. These are the good times. The bad times are the tick I just pulled from my ankle. But I digress. I want you to know that I am wearing the pants I wore to the 30th reunion, and I trust you aren’t sagging any more than they are. Sorry to miss you. Let me know if any of you are by the shore this summer, and I’ll trade you a granola bar for a shower.

peace and love,

Beach in the Lake Superior State Forest. Those are white drifts of zebra mussels.

Wonder if the water clarity here has something to do with the zebras?

No more mylar balloons!

4 Responses to “Letter from Stephen”

  1. Rolf Bates Says:

    Geez Brede, if you’d show up looking like that (mosquito netting) you probably wouldn’t get in to the reunion anyway.
    Paddle On!

  2. davideric Says:

    Yo Steve,
    We have been watching the radar daily as usual and we see that you have been getting f**king hammered! Hope all is O.K. We are getting some rain too but a lot of it seems to disappear before it gets over here. Hope that is still true when you get over on this side. Kind of a work slump right now but I think we are gonna get the big job so we just gotta hang on till we can start working on it. Running and swimming more than last year so far. NPR did a report on the Hugh Heward with Jeff Potter doing some commentary about Verlin K. I don’t know what you are doing at the Big Boy waiting for the rain to stop (do they have Big Boy in Wisconsin?) but we could use some more posts. After a while we start to miss our dose of your smart-ass humor. And some pics too! Best, -d

  3. davideric Says:

    One more thing I want to say. Thanks for being a real example of how to have big adventure right out your back door (or the front door, in your case) without ever setting your ass in the fancy wheelchair. I just read Bill Mckibben’s latest post on Huffington and it occurred to me again that the grandchildren will find it so hard to believe we still used gasoline for recreation even after we knew what was happening. It will seem so callous and cruel to them in the same way we view our forebears practice of slavery. When i grow up and get to have a vacation I want to be like you! -d

  4. Chris Cross Says:

    Steve: I’ve been following your progress both years. Quite an adventure. Lots to catch up on–but now is not the time! I am also missing the reunion but I don’t have as good an excuse as you. The reason for contacting you now: I have a friend from law school who lives in Green Bay. Is there anything he can do to assist you? I can get you in contact with him. I’ve been out of town for a week and I’m sorry I didn’t do this before I left. You might already be past his area. Let me know. Paddle on!

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