Lake Michigan

Author: Ruth

Lake Michigan Bathymetry

It’s that time again; summer solstice, wedding anniversary, Stephen’s birthday; which means it is time for him to begin a circumnavigation by canoe around a second Great Lake. Tentative launch date is Thursday, June 24th, 2010. Wednesday’s departure was shifted due to a combination of weather (thunderstorms) and logistical (last minute improvements to the Kruger canoe) factors. The starting place is the mouth of the Bear River where it empties into Petoskey’s harbor.

Click on “Where’s Stephen Now?” to go to a shared page where his Spot satellite locater/emergency beacon is connected to Google maps. You can zoom in and out on the maps, see satellite photos of the areas he is paddling, and where he has been.

23 Responses to “Lake Michigan”

  1. Mike Lutz Says:

    Congratulations on the last tour, looking forward to following you on the next one! First read about you in Canoe Roots magazine. God bless ya for letting us working stiffs know we can someday look forward to our own trips…someday!

  2. Lori Gillespie Says:

    It will be awesome to experience this vicariously. My prayers will be with you!

  3. Nancy Kowaleski Says:

    As I watched the beautiful sunset over Little Traverse Bay from work tonight, I was thinking of you, and praying for your safety. I was also lamenting a little about not being able to paddle the sendoff across the bay this am, but beware I am confident I will be paddling some part of the journey with you and initiating my Hennessey Hammock. Sorry you won’t be experiencing Canadian hospitality this trip but maybe we can make it up to you sometime. Happy paddling…stay safe.

  4. Steve Sikkema Says:

    I was working on the house up on the bluff just past Washington St. in Harbor on Thursday. I happen to look out to the Lake, and there you are! What a great sight: the lone paddler off on the next adventure. As you disappeared from view, I returned to work wishing I was out there, and glad that you are out where you need to be.
    Best of luck! I’ll be checking the site every day .

  5. Maureen Barkley Says:

    So wonderful to take such an adventure! Prayers and courage for such a voyage! I will follow you on this trip, as my youngest brother did on your last trip!

  6. Rolf Bates Says:

    Hey Brede,
    What some people will do to stay away from their 40th High School Reunion.
    Just remember, Sin, Sex, LSD, We’re the Class of ’70
    Paddle On!

  7. Says:

    Well done article that. I’ll make sure to use it wisely.

  8. Says:

    That’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Great posting!

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