Labor Day

Author: Ruth

Stephen is cruising along the top of Manitoulin Island, the world’s largest freshwater island. No phone signal tonight, but yesterday when we talked, (as we try to do every day,) he mentioned two unique experiences. First, using the power of the paddle, he overtook a sailboat using wind power, (OK, there wasn’t much wind.) ┬áSecond, he was stopped by the RCMP/Canadian Coast Guard. As it happens, one of the officers was a canoe racer and was more curious about the Seawind than concerned about any wrongdoing. Stephen is enjoying this part of Lake Huron immensely and suggests that we return together to explore Manitoulin at more leisure. Since Tobermory, he is camping with a Henessey Hammock instead of the Moss tent. The early reports on the Hennessey are of great comfort, as long as the chosen trees are of a thickness that will not gradually bend as you sleep and slowly lower one to the ground! But the islands have been rocky and not level, so the hammock has been a good choice.

I have a large number of photos ready to post and will post them tomorrow night. Check the “photo” tab on the home page.

Here’s one….


24 Responses to “Labor Day”

  1. Zach Champion Says:

    Great to see that you are still on the go Stephen. I to can attest to the comfort of the Henessey Hammock, I just returned from three days at Pictured Rocks and had two extremely comfortable nights off the ground. I would very much like to join you through Georgian Bay but have found a steady job that it would benefit me to keep. Paddle safe, I fully intend to join you on the final leg of your journey across the straights.

  2. Mary Johnson Says:

    Hello again! Wow, you’re almost back to the US! Ken & I enjoyed looking at your photos – very stunning.
    Bon voyage,

  3. Nancy Kowaleski Says:

    Hi Stephen and Ruth, Iwas thinking you would be going alone the northern portion of the North Channel and might pass by Thessalon, but I see you were on Coburn Island last night. Many of the few inhabitants of the Island are from Thessalon, people I grew up with. Hope the hospitality was great. Wish I could have arranged a greeting party by making a few calls home, but I was a little late. Would like to paddle the straights with you when you arrive there, have any idea when that might be..Happy paddling..and enjoy those

  4. Denise Says:

    Hi Stephen and Ruth,
    Wish i could have joined you tonight on Drummond Island, but alas, I am finally having to work for money. Ruth and I have our own new paddling plan, Steve. Ask her about it. Sorry I didn’t have the foresight to get some cookies baked before Ruth took off today. I’ll bake you some for your return to the Mighty Mac. Enjoy your evening. See you soon.

  5. Ellis Boal Says:


    Inspiring to see someone at peace while the rest of the world is so crazy. I mean, so very crazy.

    Fair winds and following seas.


  6. kat Says:

    Yo Mang!
    Yor gonna do the whole @#$%!* thing! I can’t wait to hear yor stories! Yor just rockin along and it looks like these halcyon days will continue for awhile………wish i was there! You must be ripped and bad as hell!


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