How can you not love Erie?

Author: Stephen

How can you not love Erie?


Wind! Solar! Paddle! Power for the people!


Room for the night,


...with a view.


Long Point marsh.


I think I see a bit of my dad in this face.


Just bluffing...


Rain with hail predicted for tonight, so the folks at the Bee Lin Trailer Park in Port Bruce let me camp under the bingo tent. Turns out cigarette butts are pretty comfortable to sleep on.


Tried to trade Seaweed for this in Niagara on the Lake, but no deal.



6 Responses to “How can you not love Erie?”

  1. Mike Musci Says:

    You are looking healthy and it certainly seems like you’re being well taken care of. As a physician I support your having regular access to coffee and beer. Throw a little red wine in and you’re all set. Always in my thoughts! Take care.

  2. André Germain Says:

    Hey Stephen:
    Yeah, gotta love Lake Erie with its many moods. These days, every time I get out in my kayak, I think of you struggling along paddling your way back home… Wishing you calm waters and light tailwinds.

  3. Sam Says:

    I think you’re right, your Father does resemble you? Seemed to have problems logging on to your site for awhile but nice to see you in fine form. Tried to give Ruth a bunch of squash yesterday but she wouldn’t answer the phone and hid beneath the window sill? See you soon? I’ll bore you with pic’s of Simon and Eli’s visit..
    carry on,
    paddle to the sea

  4. Denise Says:

    Compadre, you are getting closer to your home…God speed and stay safe. I am so looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, comadre

  5. Roy's mom Says:

    Almost in U.S. waters! You’re flying! You must miss home as much as we miss you! Be safe.

  6. Dave P Says:

    The top picture is so evocotive.

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