Stephen is ten miles north of St. Ignace tonight and will land at the state park there tomorrow. He’s almost home and I’m excited all the time now! The journey seemed endless and now is not, like so many other things…

The plan, subject like all outdoor plans to the weather, is for a small group of hardy paddlers to meet Stephen Saturday morning about 8:30 AMĀ and paddle the Straits of Mackinac to the southern end of the Mighty Mac where Stephen began his trip thirteen weeks and over eight hundred miles ago. Later, the celebration will continue at our house, with our friends.

Expect another selection of photos in the next week from the last leg of the trip.


2 Responses to “Home Stretch, St. Ignace.”

  1. Wayne Blomberg Says:

    Hi Steve,
    Congratulations on completing your extraordinary challenge! I had very little doubt that you wouldn’t complete it, short of a physical problem that might have interfered. I appreciated being able to spend a few days on the water with you. I’ll bet it will take a while when you wake up in the morning to not take note and consider the wind direction, head or tail wind, to see what type of day you’ll encounter.
    Will you still be using your tracking device so people (and Ruth) might keep track of you?

  2. Roger D Paterson MD Says:

    Yes, Steve, very important that people can keep track of you.

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