Dawn on the Garden Peninsula

Michigan’s Garden Peninsula extends south and does not quite meet the Door Peninsula of Wisconsin. The two peninsulas, in company with eight islands, create Green Bay to the west. These features are formed by the old (430 million years) Niagaran escarpment, like the hard rim of a giant shallow bowl that contains Lakes Erie, Ontario, Michigan as well as the state of Michigan. There is a map of the Niagaran Escarpment on one of the older posts from the Lake Huron voyage.

Fossils formed when the Niagaran escarpment was the Niagaran Reef, corals in a shallow tropical ocean.

Island hopping across the mouth of Green Bay, collecting solar power along the way.

Peaceful takeout on the Garden Peninsula

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  1. Roger D Paterson MD Says:

    Hi Ruth,
    Boy! I can just imagine how busy you have to be to get it all done!
    The log is very interesting reading to me with all the little scientific outcroppings.
    Some of the pictures I can just imagine, even smell, the ambiance.
    Especially, what rocky masses lurk just beneath that smooth lake surface. Those shapes and deeps take on a mysterious significance for me.

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