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Gear list

Author: Stephen

Next trip, I’m hiring a Sherpa …


3 pairs pants: 2 long/short convertible (Ex-officio; Patagonia); 1 long (RailRider Weatherpant)

4 long-sleeved shirts  (2 Patagonia and 2 Ex-Officio)

3 underwear; 2 synthetic (Patagonia, Ex-Officio), 1 silk (for sleeping)

1 merino wool long underwear pant

1 merino wool medium baselayer shirt

4 pairs of socks (1 nylon liner; 2 medium-weight wool; 1 heavy-weight wool)

1 windshirt (Patagonia Dragonfly)

1 Gore-Tex anorak (Kokatat)

1 nylon parka (Woolrich)

1 Gore-Tex rainpant (G.I.)

1 pr. watershoe (Teva)

1 pr. sandal (Keen)

1 pr. overbook (Neos)

2 boonie caps (G.I.)

1 polypropylene knit hat

Gloves (1 pr. neoprene, 2 pr. ¾ finger paddling, 1 pr. leather)


Tent (Moss Starlet, w/Tyvek groundcloth; used first half of trip)

Tent hammock (Hennessy Hammock Ultralight Backpacker; used second half of trip)

Tarp (Moss Heptawing)

Bivy sack (Austrian G.I.)

Food storage:

2 bear bags (Ursack, with Aloksak liners)

2 bear cannisters (Garcia Cans)


A.L.I.C.E. (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carry Equipment) rucksack (G.I.)

Internal frame backpack (McHale), w/liner (lightweight Seal-Line, and plastic bag)

2 haul bags (Patagonia)

Toolbox (LL Bean drybox):

multi-tool (Leatherperson)

vinyl patches and adhesive

Snaps (for spray cover)

Duct tape


Sleeping pad patch

Parachute cord

Bungee cord

Kevlar repair kit

Tent repair patches

Needles, thread

Sleeping bag: 30 degree, down (Marmot Arroyo)

¾ sleeping pad (Thermarest ProLite)


Kruger Sea Wind

Spray cover (Cooke Custom Sewing)


1 carbon fiber, 8” blade, bent shaft (Zaveral)

1 cedar, 7” blade, bent shaft (Whiskey Jack)


Wood stove (Bush Buddy)

Alcohol stove (Trangia)

Windscreen (MSR)

Titanium fuel bottle (1 liter)

Titanium cook pot w/lid

Spoon (titanium)

Stainless steel cup (2 cup capacity)

Stainless steel insulated tea cup (Nissan)

Plastic measuring spoon (MSR, folding, 1/3 cup)

Chop sticks (2 pair, cut to 6 inches)

Pocket knife (Victorinox “Waiter”)

Fixed blade knife (Grohmann R1S)

Knife sharpener

Lighter (Windmill Delta)

Folding plate (Orikaso)

Plastic cutting board (homemade, 3 in. x 4 in.)

Tyvek picnic blanket (homemade, 6 in. x 10 in.)

Sponge (2 in. x 2 in.)

2 towels (Pac Towel)

Soap (Real Suds)

4 liter water bladder (MSR)

Water filter (MSR MiniWorks)


Soap (Real Suds)




Fingernail clipper


Fingernail file

Fingernail brush


Hand lotion (Bert’s Bees)

Alcohol hand sanitizer

PFD (Kokatat SeaO2), related safety gear:


Signal Mirror (G.I.)

Emergency locator/tracker  (SPOT)

Rescue knife (CRKT Bearclaw)

Signal mirror (G.I.)

VHF radio (Icom M-34)

Photo equipment:

1 body (Nikon d-300)

1 lens (Nikon 18-200mm VR)

1 circular polarizer (Cokin)

1 neutral density filter (Cokin)

Flash (Nikon SB-400)

Waterproof case (Pelican)

Brush (cut-down 3/4 inch paint brush)

Blower bulb (Gittos Rocket Air Blaster)

4 compact flash (total of 6 MB)

3 camera batteries


Cell phone (Apple iPhone,  in Aquapac)

GPS (Garmin 60csx, in Aquapac)

Solar charger (Brunton Solar Roll 9)

Battery (Brunton Solo 7.5)

2 headlamps (Princeton-Tec)

2 waterproof clip-on LED lights

Red/green navigation light


First aid kit

Folding saw (Silky Super Accel 21)

Camp chair (Crazy Creek Original)

Bailer (48 oz. plastic pitcher)

Bilge sponge

Binoculars (Brunton)

Pee bottle (Nalgene)


30 feet ¼ inch rope

Books (variable)

3 large carabiners

Peace pin

Getting it together

Author: Ruth

In preparation for months of paddling, piles of gear spread through the house and spill into the yard. Here Stephen tests his laptop with the new solar charger as a power source. It works!

Solar charger

Stephen in the canoe, just add water.

Below, he is adding hardware to hold the ingenious Brunton solar charger on the bow of the boat while he is paddling.