This was recorded on the Door Peninsula last week while Stephen

took “shelter from the storm” in his bug and water proof hammock. He is

recording notes of his experiences every day on his i Phone. I haven’t

tried attaching one of these memos before, so here’s hoping it can

be opened.

He’ll be in Milwaukee today or tomorrow where an old school friend

has offered to pick him up and house him for a day or so to enjoy some

of the best things in life.

Hot water. Electricity. Friendship. Not neccesarily in that order.

21 Responses to “And now for something a little different.”

  1. Mike Olivier Says:

    Hi Mr. Brede! Hope all is well on your journey! Best wishes, see you soon.

    -Mike Olivier

  2. Stephen Says:

    Hey Mr. Olivier,
    Thanks for checking in! I’m in Milwaukee right now. Canoe is in “dinghy storage” at the city marina. I often think of my sub teaching days at Orion School, and hope to see you all again in the fall. I saw a “back to school sale” sign today, so I guess we should be getting our wardrobes together!

  3. Roy Ozanne Says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I enjoyed our morning meeting on the beach just north of Two Rivers, WI.

    Chicago already, wow! You have inspired me to look into your boat and I am certainly going to try the bush buddy. I have looked at the websites for boat and stove. Sadly, it seems the McHale backpack is out of business.

    I am looking forward to your writings on these Great Lakes. Hopefully inspiring another generation of environmentlly aware people.

    Blessing upon your journey,


  4. Says:

    That’s really thinking at a high level

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