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The paddler returns!


I watched from my computer, stuck at work 250 miles north, as the satellite tracker indicated Stephen’s progress on this last (we hoped) day of paddling. Other than the hatch of biting flies that plagued him the day before and were still around in smaller numbers today, it was a great paddling day. He said, “Today is my day.” And it was! Glad no one was around the office to see my happy tears.

Made my day too.

P.S. Stephen’s next post on Lake Erie coming soon…


How can you not love Erie?

Author: Stephen

How can you not love Erie?


Wind! Solar! Paddle! Power for the people!


Room for the night,


...with a view.


Long Point marsh.


I think I see a bit of my dad in this face.


Just bluffing...


Rain with hail predicted for tonight, so the folks at the Bee Lin Trailer Park in Port Bruce let me camp under the bingo tent. Turns out cigarette butts are pretty comfortable to sleep on.


Tried to trade Seaweed for this in Niagara on the Lake, but no deal.



Paddler’s vacation

Author: Ruth

Stephen in Port Colborne on the Welland Canal, thinking about hitching a ride!


Stephen is taking a week off from paddling during my vacation so we could spend some time together in Ontario. He’ll be back on the Lake Erie as soon as tomorrow, as late as Monday, depending on wind speed and wave height, neither of which are cooperating.


Welcome to Ontario

Author: Ruth

Calm waters at James N. Allan Provincial Park as Stephen paddles west on August 3.


Thanks for the warm welcome to Canada, George Holmes; of the Niagara on the Lake (NOTL) Surf Club!


My dinner with AndreĀ“ and Darla Germain.


Hang ten!